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Joel Rivard - Guitars, drum machine programing

Marc Respass - Bass * (featured selections)

This CD is full of instrumental and solo pieces I recorded at home on a Tascam cassette recorder from around 1996 -99. I've re-mastered the songs in ProTools so they sound a little better on CD. See below for a breakdown of the songs.

The musical styles of the songs range from metal, rock, pop, bluegrass to funk, jazz and acoustic.

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Joel Rivard CD Songs

Backroads *- A longer version than the one on the website and Marc is playing bass on this one. A instrumental fan from Germany once called this "country techno fusion". The beat has a slight techno feel and there are a few pedal steel type licks in the melody. Overall it's a straight ahead pop song. Fun to play over, lots of simple major/minor pent stuff.

Proton Decay- My attempt at metal/funk/techno fusion. I didn't have a synth so I tried to get a techno feel by adding some different percussion sounds from the drum machine and playing around with flange and echo on some of the rhythym guitar tracks. The solo ended up having lots of chromatic bebopish lines and ends with a Coltrane inspired "sheets of sound" idea at the end.

Wind Through a Field - Light song with a simple melody and chord progression.

Stormchaser - Real fast funky groove inspired from hearing James Brown live. This ended up being a big guitar showcase but it does include lots of styles from fusion and shred to straight ahead blues and chicken pickin'. This one is on the website.

Flintstones - Short arrangement I did of the Flintstones theme song. The arrangement has me playing the melody, bassline and some chords all at once so it's only 1 track.

Time - Another straight ahead pop rock song with some pedal steel type bends in the melody. In the outro solo I used some tapping which is rare for me.

Doom - Very dark and heavy song using drop A tuning. Lots of evil riffs and themes here. Some cool cascading notes type licks in the solo.

Bluegrass Song - Straight ahead chicken pickin' bluegrass. The second half is Orange Blossom Special. There is a Bach melody in there somewhere too.

Ashokan Farewell - Old Time fiddle tune. Beautiful melody. I did this short arrangement for acoustic in DADGAD tuning.

Create the Past *- Melodic 2 chord rock song using drop D. Nice simple melody. The solo came out cool with a good mix of melodic stuff and fast runs. Great basslines by Marc fill in the gaps.

OZ Medley - 6 or 7 songs from the " Wizard of Oz " movie. Another arrangement with melody, chords and bass played at the same time.

The Bug *- Marc wrote a lot of this one including the really cool bassline that starts the song out. We wrote it after seeing this huge freaky bug on a wall. Every so often I see it in the different apartments I've lived in. Marc thinks it's following me. The verse uses Dorian #4 and the riff is Hungarian minor.

Thoughts of You - Another simple melodic idea. The recording quality was a little sketchy, I tried to clean it up in ProTools. I liked the song though so I thought I'd include it.

Hillsdale - Long piece that builds as it goes. No real verse/chorus type thing, it's more of a soundtrack inspired by a drive through the beautiful country of Hillsdale, New York. The bass stays on E while the chords cycle through E -A -B, a technique I also used in the chorus of Backroads.

Supercell - Metal song written trying to capture the feel of an oncoming thunderstorm. I knew I was using Lydian b7 but I later realized that I was playing the b9 a lot also. I coudn't find the scale in any books so I've named this new scale"Dark Lydian". It's R- b2 - 3 - #4 - 5 - 6 - b7 or C - Db - E - F# - G - A - Bb

Distant Thunder - Ambient piece using only guitar and a Quadraverb to create the synth like sounds and booming thunder. I used volume swells and some custom Quadraverb settings with tons of reverb.

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