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Liquid Note Records presents


April 2004.

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"It has entered theJazzwise (one of the most respected mainstream music mags in the U.K.)
charts at position 2, has been rated "album of the month" at Guitar Mania
and has already received some praise and great reviews from the following:,"

This CD came out awesome! The solos, songs and drumming came out excellent. Our 3 different styles work well together and make the CD very interesting. Rock, metal, jazz, pop, it's all in there.

I wrote and played 3 songs ( Lydian Field, Transcendence, General Relativity Jam ) and Milan and Ale added a solo to each song. Lale also plays on one. I also play a solo on Milan's 3 songs and Ale's 3 songs. Our different writing styles also makes things interesting . They wrote some really cool tunes! I've been listening to the CD over and over for 2 days now.

Here is the original press release:

"Liquid Note Records are proud to announce another musical collaboration.

Towards the end of 2003 the label plans to release an MVP-style feast of guitar
and keyboard playing featuring some of the best players in the business.

The three guitarists involved will be:

American Joel Rivard (

Austrian Milan Polak (

Italian Alessandro Benvenuti (

All 3 have a wealth of experience under their belt, having performed live many times and having contributed to several musical projects utilising lots of different styles.
The project will focus on hard-edged fusion, with each player writing 3 songs which the others will solo over.

The project will also feature keyboard maestro:

Lale Larson (

(last heard on The Alchemists). Drummers and bassists to be announced. This promises to be a feast of fantastic musicianship and unrestrained virtuoso playing. "


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