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Joel Rivard Group MP3 's

Pick a Style

I'm still adding new stuff so check back for more.

Everything except the jazz stuff was recorded on a Tascam 8-track cassette recorder. I'll be working on the next C/D in Pro Tools.

The new CD "J.A.M." is available here.

Rock Fusion /Jazz / Classical / Pop / Metal / Bluegrass / Acoustic / Solo Arrangements / Ambient

More Recent Stuff - 2009

The Serpent

(E maj improv over electronic groove loop I created. I am so FLY.)

Prelude In F Major

Short piece for cello in Baroque style. Uses cello samples from Reason 2.0.


I have material for an acoustic CD, I started recording but am unable to get a decent tone. Probably need a condensor mike. This is just the first part of a couple tunes I've written. Hopefully I'll do this CD after the instrumental one. But with kickass tone and no white noise.

Acoustic Percussion

Pretending the guitar was a bongo.

Rock / Funk Instrumental

Stormchaser -

from Legato records compilation " Guitar On The Edge " vol 5

Rehearsal and gig recordings of me with the Marc Ross Quartet

Some of these are only rehearsals and there are mistakes and all. My playing has changed a bit since the other recordings.


All The Things You Are

All the Things You Are#2

Take 5


A Night in Tunisia

My Favorite Things

My Romance

Guitar solo collage from CD

Experimenting with Pro Tools...

Joel's mix

String Trio

Sampled Cello, Violin and Mandolin

Concerto For Blueman and A.

Joel Rivard Jazz Group Songs

Recorded live at Rota Music Studio.

There Will Never be Another You -(medium swing)

Stella by Starlight - (ballad)

Invitation - (fast latin tune)


Solo Classical Guitar


Bourree in E minor

Bridal Chorus


Pop Rock

Melodic songs with simple chord progressions. Overall my favorite stuff for some reason.

Backroads ( shortened version )

Clear Sky

Progressive Metal

Some cool stuff co-written by bass player Marc Respass. He's playing bass on these tracks too.

E Metal

The Destroyer


1/2 original chicken pickin' tune and the rest is the fiddle piece "Orange Blossom Special"

Bluegrass song


In open DADGAD tuning

Nice Feeling

Santa Monica

2 Pierre Bensusan pieces

Solo Arrangements

Chord/melody/bass arrangements - no overdubs

Xmas Medley

Wizard of Oz Medley

ok 1 little overdub here in the scary "witch theme" thing


(No keyboards or sampler here. All sounds made by guitar.)

Sightings - dark ambient piece

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