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The Rich Jerk - Good Product Despite Obvious Gimmick.

This was one of my first systems and it brings back good memories!

Despite his crazy (not really, it's a gimmick)style, the Rich Jerk actually delivers a complete system that actually does put many competitors to shame.

Let's forget about his obnoxious style and focus on the content.
One of the awesome things about Mr Jerk is that he covers all the basics in a clear and understandable way. Some of the advanced people do put it down but if you are looking to start out in the online money making business this information is SO HELPFUL! This is actually how I actually learned the basics and began earning money online. Enough to actually quit my part time job!! Yes!

The book is a bit shorter than others I've read, but he's simply getting straight to the point. No wasted, boring, filler text. One big thing is that I have yet to see a course that is as beginner friendly.

You will learn some secrets about affiliate websites that will make you money right away. That's a plus.
He'll get you up to speed on affiliate marketing, selling on ebay, some sneaky search engine optimization tactics (very helpful), and good tips on avoiding scammers. So ultimately this ends up being one of the best products for beginning marketers.

Oh, he has a member-only forum also, I found that to be really helpful with questions that would pop up. Yes - he does post there too.

The price has come down also - $9.95. That's a pretty crazy deal for the amount of info. I've read the refund offer was tested to be reliable, most are though. But the company is totally legit. The staff seemed helpful enough on the phone.

There is a free website offer that I have not seen offered by other companies. I'm somewhat web savvy but if you are not this will be a huge bonus. So if you're a newbie to websites this is the way to go. The book is geared on how to make money from websites so you can potentially use this to make money right away. As in today:)

So yes - Highly Recommended. He does act like a jerk of course, but whatever. His marketing got me to give it a try. I'm so glad I did too! I'm still using most of his tactics to this day. Thanks for sharing the wealth Mr Rich!!! :)

You can get more information on the Rich Jerk by clicking on the link below:

Click Here To Visit the Rich Jerk :)





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